PowerSmart 1200W Portable Gas Generator, Small Generator for Camping Outdoor, Ultralight, EPA & CARB

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Product Overview:

The PowerSmart 1200W Portable Gas Generator is a compact powerhouse designed for outdoor enthusiasts and campers who demand reliable, lightweight power on the go. This ultralight generator, compliant with EPA and CARB standards, embodies efficiency and portability, making it an ideal companion for various outdoor activities.

Who is it for?

This generator caters to outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and anyone seeking a reliable power source in remote locations. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to transport, ensuring you have power wherever your adventures take you.

Power Provided:

With a robust 1200W power output, this portable gas generator is more than capable of meeting the energy demands of essential appliances and devices during camping trips or outdoor events. It strikes a balance between power and portability, offering a reliable source for charging gadgets, powering lights, or even running small appliances.

Fuel Type:

Designed for convenience, this generator runs on gas, providing users with a readily available and efficient fuel source. Gasoline is easily accessible, making refueling a breeze during camping trips or in outdoor settings where other fuel types may not be as practical.

Noise Level:

The PowerSmart 1200W Portable Gas Generator takes noise reduction seriously, ensuring a peaceful outdoor experience. With its advanced noise-dampening technology, it operates at a low decibel level, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the tranquility of your outdoor environment.

Voltage / Wattage:

This generator delivers a steady voltage output, providing a reliable power source for sensitive electronics. With a maximum wattage of 1200W, it strikes a balance between powering essential devices and maintaining energy efficiency.

Sockets / Ports:

Equipped with multiple outlets, including standard AC and DC ports, this generator offers versatility in connecting various devices simultaneously. Whether it’s charging your phone, powering a camping stove, or running a small cooler, the PowerSmart generator has you covered.


In summary, the PowerSmart 1200W Portable Gas Generator is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. Its compact design, impressive power output, and fuel efficiency make it a reliable companion for camping trips, outdoor events, or any situation where portable power is a necessity. The generator’s compliance with EPA and CARB standards underscores its commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility. Embrace the freedom to explore with the PowerSmart 1200W Portable Gas Generator, your key to reliable power in the great outdoors.


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